New York Marathon Banner

2016 is the year of Running*

in November I’m taking part in the New York Marathon to raise funds for Can Too.


About Can Too

Can Too organises training programs in running and swimming events to raise money for cancer research in Australia.  It’s an amazing cause. I took part in their second ever ocean swim in 2006/7, followed by a half marathon the next year and I was a mentor for the ocean swim shortly afterwards. During that time they hit their first million dollars –  they’ve now raised nearly $16,000,000 in total. The training costs and admin costs are funded by corporate sponsors including the Macquarie Foundation, so every dollar raised by Can Too goes towards funding researchers in various fields of cancer research. People have already been cured thanks to the research funded by the early Can Too programs, so if you sponsored me in one of those events, thank you. Your dollars really do make a difference. A world without cancer, nothing less.



About Running*

I used to say I really don’t like running very much at all. After the half marathon in 2008 I didn’t run again, apart from to catch the ferry, until last year when I joined the Can Too group again for the half marathon training in September 2015. I’ve moved through the stages of actively disliking running, past grudgingly tolerating it, and am now sort of enjoying it, even if only for the bacon sandwich afterwards. I even took my running shoes to Perth when I was away for the weekend, and what’s more used them, bashing out 10km in the rain. I’m going to Japan in a few months and I found myself researching places to run as well as places to eat and things to do.

Having said that, a marathon is a whole different thing. Could I have turned around at the end of the half marathon in September and done it all again? Absolutely not! 42.2km / 26.2 miles is a ridiculously long way, and this isn’t going to be easy. I’m certainly not one of those annoying people who can roll out of bed and knock out a marathon on the way to work.  New York has no cut-off time, so I can, and probably will, take all day to do it!


Plodding around Sydney every weekend for nearly a year leading up to the actual race isn’t going to be easy, but your kind donations make it all worthwhile.  Thanks to everyone who has donated, I’ve raised almost $10,000 for Can Too over the last few years. I’m hoping to double that and raise another $10,000 in 2016.


Thanks for your support!


*putting one foot in front of the other but not necessarily at any great speed.

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