NYC Weeks 3-5

IMG_0059100 days to go and the first stage of training is over, the serious bit starts tomorrow. 90 mins, 105 mins, and back to a “recovery” 75 mins last week. More of the same at the track on Wednesdays although the less said about the week before last the better when the track was closed in the rain and we ran up and down the Kurraba Road Hill instead. Tomorrow we’re still just in the realm of the half marathon at 135 mins or 18km, whichever comes first, and after that we reach uncharted distances.

I’m having some success with the run-walk-run method. I have a little pavlovian timer that beeps at me to run and beeps at me to walk and I’m doing 2-3 minutes of running followed by a minute walking. And repeat, and repeat, and repeat. It feels a bit counter intuitive particularly at the start of the run when I still have the energy to keep going, but particularly on the flat runs I’m catching people up and overtaking them in the last quarter of the run. Some of the routes are ones we’ve already done before as part of the half marathon training so I have something to compare it to, and I’m only 15-20 seconds a kilometre slower run-walk-running than running flat out. The best bit about running is stopping and I do that many times over the course of the run!

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

Tomorrow we join up with the East group, so I’m hit with the double whammy of a 6:30am start and having to drive over the bridge to Centennial Park rather than just rolling out of bed in time for a 7:00am start 300 metres from my front door! Hopefully there are good recovery bacon sandwich options available afterwards!



Week 3 - 90 mins Week 4 - 105 mins Week 5 - 75 mins


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