NYC Week 2

Week 2 - 75 minsWeek 2 and so far so good. A routine is beginning to come together built around Wednesday nights at the track and Saturday morning long runs. The track session this week was 4 lots of 400m followed by a couple of minutes’ rest and then repeat. The idea was to keep the same pace throughout, and seeing as I only have two speeds, running or walking (with possibly a third overspeed gear that results in a short period of speed followed by a much longer period of engine burnout), I’m pretty good at pacing and finished each lap within a 3 second range. As is common with the rather tall and the slightly lazy I have a long stride and take fewer steps to cover the same amount of ground as the shorter more energetic runner. My task on the track this week was also to try and reduce the length of my stride and speed the legs up a bit, increasing cadence in the running vernacular. Easier said than done, but it will improve running performance if I keep trying.

The long run this week was to Cremorne Point and back. Widely disliked amongst the group for its hills, I actually quite like it. There’s something peaceful about Cremorne Point looking out over all the boats moored in Mosman Bay, or back the other way to the Opera House and the city. For a waterside trail it’s remarkably hilly, but the views are worth it and it makes a change from running over the Harbour Bridge. We’re pretty lucky in Sydney!

Week 2 Cremorne

I’m still on the run-walk-run thing and I think it’s going to be a good strategy to get through the training and the race itself. 2 mins running followed by 1 min walking this week, and repeat repeat repeat. It works pretty well – I did 9km only 20 seconds a kilometre slower than the last time I ran that route non-stop, but I felt much better at the end of it.  I might try 3 mins running to 1 min walking next week. If I feel that I can carry on for a bit at the end of these long runs I think that’s only a good thing. Hopefully it continues as the distance escalates.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far, I really appreciate it. The more I raise the easier the running gets!

Week 2 A bit warmer

125 days to go!



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