NYC Week 1

Week 1 ChillyAnd so the second half of the year of running begins. After a few weeks mostly off we started again on Wednesday. There are over 60 people in the inaugural Can Too training program for New York, split between North Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs. Hopefully there will be at least a couple in the elite slow division like me! It was a good omen that we had November in New York style weather this morning. At 8ºC this morning it was pretty fresh, particularly in the wind waiting to begin, but once we got going it was great, so much nicer to run in than the 30ºC 80% humidity days of a few months back.

I’m trying out the Run-Walk-Run method as my aim is to finish the training and finish the marathon uninjured. The winners will have left the podium and be enjoying Champagne in their hotel (or kale smoothies or whatever marathon winners drink!) by the time I plod over the line! I have the book (slightly cultish, but it seems like a reasonable idea) and the timer (basically a modified egg timer which beeps and vibrates), and put it into action on Saturday for the long run.

It worked quite well. I did a ratio of 1 minute running to 1 minute walking, which was probably too easy, but interestingly I did 6.4km in the time allotted when last time around on the same run I got only slightly further at 7.2km, and I felt much better at the end of this one, with few complaints from my dodgy heel/foot. Next time I’ll try 1.5 or 2 to 1 and see how that goes.

Week 1 - 60 mins

I need to sit down and re-read the book and work out the ratio of running and walking recommended for my current speed – it’s all rather complicated as it’s in miles rather than kilometres, and there are adjustments if it’s over a certain number of degrees Fahrenheit (no problems there on Saturday!). The basic idea is that rather than going too fast too soon and then having to stop or walk the last half or third of the marathon, you run for a couple of minutes, walk for a minute, the whole way through. Your body can recover a bit during the walking breaks and you pootle along through the whole distance at the same average speed, rather than drastically slowing as the distance passes.

I also need to sit down and work out how I’m going to squeeze in all the extra curricular activities that have popped up on the training plan. I’ve always taken the training plans with a large dose of salt and rather ignored most of it outside of the Wednesday and Saturday coached sessions. This time I’ll need to do a bit more to gear up for double the furthest distance I have ever run… but I think it’s safe to say I’ll be taking at least two rest days each week rather than the recommended one!


133 days until New York!


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