SMH Half Marathon: Final Month – Plantar Fasciitis

PlantarFasciitis_SMThe first long run after Japan felt great. Running is similar to swimming in that some days it just works and feels smooth and effortless, and some days for no apparent reason everything is hard work. This was one of those rare days when it felt particularly good to run – it happens much more often with swimming!

However as is often the case with these things it was too good to be true, and the next day my right foot was distinctly wobbly as I got out of bed and my heel hurt all day and into Monday. Fine again by Wednesday for the track run, and then I ran too fast too soon, and it hurt until Saturday ready for another long run.

Too much walking in ordinary shoes in Japan followed by too much running too soon on my return, and the rest of the SMH training was a write off. I saw a physio every couple of days for the first week and weekly after that and it’s nowhere near as painful as it was, but it still lingers, even 6 weeks later.

I pulled out of the Half Marathon at the last minute. I was fine on the Saturday and got the train to Town Hall to pick up my race number and then walked back over the bridge, feeling fine. Then on Sunday morning the alarm went off at the ungodly hour you have to be up and about for these things, and my foot felt as bad as ever as soon as I got out of bed. Grrr. Had I not been ploughing on towards a full Marathon in New York I probably would have run it anyway and dealt with the consequences, but with New York in mind I pulled out. Lose the battle to win the war.

As tempting as it would have been to enjoy another couple of hours sleep until it at least got light, I jumped on the train and watched the others in the race. I’ve never done the SMH Half Marathon – previous efforts have been in the Blackmores one which is a slightly different course. This course seemed particularly cruel as it took everyone within about 20 metres of the finish line before turning the corner up Art Gallery Road into the Botanic Gardens and back about 20 minutes later before going over the finish line for real. Everyone did really well, even though there were a couple of injuries along the way for the CanToo crowd. Rumour has it we’ll be doing the Blackmores Half Marathon again in September as part of the New York training, provided the foot sorts itself out between now and then…


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