SMH Half Marathon Weeks 8-9: I took my running shoes on holiday and actually got them out of my suitcase – Part 2

Osaka at night - Glico ManJapan was amazing and I’d be on the first plane back tomorrow if I could. The food, the people, the politeness, the order, the quirkiness, the technology, the tradition; I loved it all. Five days in Tokyo, one in Osaka, one in Hiroshima, and two in Kyoto.

Running however wasn’t that successful. I gave it a go in Tokyo and had prepared what I thought would be a good route. However it turns out that according to the gatekeeper who chased after me blowing his whistle you weren’t allowed to run in the park next to my hotel. Once he caught up with me and politely explained the rules he suggested I turn around and run down the road next to the park… Probably a good idea first thing in the morning, but not such a bright thing to do late in the afternoon when the streets were packed with people out to see the cherry blossoms.

On the way back through Tokyo I did a bit more research and found a great little running shop that has showers and changing rooms so you can go and run in the nearby park and come back (apparently you can run in that park!). Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get there, there were just too many other things I wanted to do and I completely ran out of time.

IMG_8732Osaka lent itself more to running. This time I was with my friend Jess who had flown out from England and we cleared some space for more delicious Japanese food with a quick 5km circuit around the Yoda river before breakfast. It was flat and deserted, perfect for running, but it made me realise how lucky we are to start our Saturday morning runs with CanToo in the shadow of the Sydney Harbour Bridge opposite the Opera House.

If I didn’t run that much in Japan I certainly walked. I had to recharge my Jawbone Up step counter band every couple of days as we walked at least 20,000 steps each day, up from my normal non-running-day average of about 7,500. And back to Australia and a very difficult to get rid of bout of plantar fasciitis…


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