SMH Half Marathon: Week 5

Week 5 - 9kmThis morning’s long run was a lot better than I was expecting considering a) I hadn’t had breakfast, b) it was disgustingly humid, and c) it was even more disgustingly humid yesterday so instead of hydrating before the long run I spent the day dehydrating into a puddle of sweat. At least New York won’t be 30C with 80% humidity in November!

Instead of going over the bridge this morning we went over to Cremorne and around Cremorne Point. It’s a lovely part of Sydney with great views back to the Opera House and the City on one side and the boats in Mosman Bay around the other side of the point. However you pay for the views with the hills, which on a hot humid morning made it heavy going. Which brings me to:

Tip #1: Frozen Gatorade

Put a bottle of gatorade in the freezer overnight (take a sip of it first and loosen the lid to leave some space for the ice), leave it in the shade in the morning at the start of the run and it’ll be slushy and perfect to cool off when you return an hour or so later.

I didn’t quite manage to get to the turnaround point in time for the full 10km so did 9km. More than enough for a warm (and sweaty) glow of satisfaction that I’d been out running before lots of people had got out of bed. And not quite far enough that I needed to sleep for the rest of the day to recover! That’ll come in a few weeks as we edge closer to the half marathon 21km distance.

It’s fair to say that Entertainment Books aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, but if you’d like one, click here.

Week 5 - 29C Week 5- Stretch

239 days to go until New York…


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