SMH Half Marathon: Week 4

Week 4 - Sunny MorningOne good thing about New York is that it won’t be in the high twenties and humid in November. Running at this time of year in Sydney is hard work, even when it’s what is improbably termed a “recovery” week. Wednesday at the track felt pretty good despite the heat, but then I got home and looked at the master running spreadsheet (of course there’s a spreadsheet!) and discovered that I was doing 600m in the time it took me to do 800m last week, so quite a bit slower. Oh well.

Today’s route was a new one, 8km over the bridge, around the new park at Barangaroo, and to Walsh Bay and back. On the good side it was another scenic route. On the bad side it has stairs and a giant hill that didn’t stop until half way along the bridge on the way home. I’d almost prefer the brutal concrete footpath along the Cahill Expressway – at least it’s not as steep.

Entertainment BookThanks to Sacha who is an account manager at the Entertainment Book and a fellow elite runner, I’m selling Entertainment Books and Digital Memberships as part of my fundraising. I’m not going to raise the whole $10,000 this way as to do that I’d have to sell 715 books, but every little bit helps. CanToo will receive 20% of the retail price – $14 from the Sydney book.

You can buy them from here, and have a flick through the Sydney book to see what’s available here before you buy. There are loads of decent restaurants offering 25% off, and you’d easily make your money back. I wish I’d had one over Christmas when my sister and her family were over here, we’d have saved heaps on the zoo and the aquarium! All the Australian and New Zealand versions are available, so buy one to take on holiday with you!


246 days to go until New York!
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Week 4 - TrackWeek 4 - StretchWeek 4 - 8km


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