SMH Half Marathon: Week 3

Week 3 - TrackWe’ve now been split into coaching groups, and as predicted I’m in the elite back of the pack group, though slightly further up the field than last time around. Keeping the running thing ticking over since the September half marathon has helped a lot, and these first few weeks feel much easier than last time around. There’s a long way to go though to get up to anywhere near the full 42km.

Today’s long run was my least favourite last time around and marked the point that I went to get new shoes which made a huge difference. This time around I was just over a minute faster per kilometre, but annoyingly they’re being pretty strict about making you turn around half way through the allotted time, so most of the group didn’t get through the full 8km.

You barely register the downhill slope from the middle of the bridge and along the Cahill expressway to Macquarie Street, but you certainly notice it on the way back. Conversational pace turned into huffing and puffing pace.

253 days to go to New York!
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Week 3 - Scattered Clouds

Week 3 - StretchWeek 3 - 6.5km


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