2016 Year of Running begins – SMH Half Marathon: Week 1

Week 1 - Sat 24CSince the Blackmores Half Marathon in September I’ve been running most weekends, and have probably only missed about 3 weekends since then. We were happily plodding through 8-10km most times. So 4km this morning should have been easy!

Last night was warm and I didn’t sleep very well. It was already 24C at 7am and 26C by the time we arrived back, which made for very heavy going. Still, it was “only” 4km which was good, and I could have gone on further, unlike the first week of the last half marathon programme which nearly killed me, so I am making progress.

One of my fellow elite runners, Heather, had a great idea and brought along ice pops (which are apparently called Zooper Doopers in Australia!) to sell off after the run for her fundraising. Perfect combination of sugar and ice after a hot run!

Wednesday night at the track was good, great to see old friends return to it and meet new people. Can Too is a huge organisation now. Back in 2006/7 when I did my first run there were only about 20 people in the North group, now there are 70, each one of those raising at least $1,250. Back then there were only two groups, North and East, and now there are 12, plus some in other states. No wonder Can Too has nearly reached $16m raised in 10 years. Amazing.

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PS: 267 days until the New York Marathon…


Week 1 - WedsWeek 1 - Weds core Week 1 - Sat

Saturday Week 1 - 4km


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