New York New York

TCS-NYC-Marathon-e1424154367868-940x705Many times over the past few years I’ve announced that my running days, such as they were, are over. I did my first Half Marathon with CanToo in 2007 and finished in about 2 hours and 10 minutes, and thanks to great coaching I felt as if I could have carried on at the end of the 21km. Perhaps not do the whole thing again immediately, but a whole marathon wasn’t out of the question. In 2008 I did the Half Marathon again without really training properly.  I managed to shave a couple of minutes off my time, finishing four minutes faster, but it nearly killed me and I couldn’t walk properly for a week afterwards. Never again!

Until June when I went back to CanToo to get a bit fitter and train for the September 2015 Sydney Half Marathon. It was the best thing I’d done for a long time. I’m not at the peak of my running fitness – I was a good 40 minutes slower this time compared to 2007/8 but I at the peak of my running motivation.

Mark at The Body Mechanic describes how you think of running as an evolution. It goes from absolutely hating it, disliking it, tolerating it, sort of enjoying it, liking it, loving it, to missing it when you don’t do it. I’ve moved along the scale from an active dislike to a begrudging enjoyment. I wouldn’t say I absolutely love it, and I could easily revert to sitting in front of the television instead of running, but I do stick a pair of trainers in my suitcase when I go travelling, and I sometimes even use them.

There was some idle chatter of New York at the drinks to celebrate finishing the Blackmores Sydney Half Marathon. I think I might have said I’d do a half marathon if CanToo trained for it. Well it turns out there are no half measures for the NYC Marathon, it’s the full 26 miles and 385 yards, or nothing. And so 2016 will involve rather a lot of running. I’ll try and chug along until February when training starts for the May SMH Half Marathon, have a couple of weeks “off”, and then start in earnest in June for the TCS NYC Marathon, which takes place a year today. And of course as well as a large amount of running, I want to raise a large amount of money for CanToo to make it all worthwhile. The minimum I’ve committed to is $3,250 over both events, but I’m keen to make it $10,000. A world without cancer, nothing less.


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