Half Marathon 2015: Final Week

Week 13 10kmThe only bad thing about the run on Saturday was learning that the hated Hickson Road/Sussex Street stretch features twice in the half marathon as the course has changed since I last did it. I’m not sure why I don’t like it as it’s quite flat, which is a good thing, but it’s quite dark and boring and seems to go on forever teasing you with corners that aren’t quite the final corner when the Opera House comes into view – and then when you do see the Opera House there’s still about 2km to go!

We met all the other Can Too groups at the Opera House and did the final 5km of the course out to Pyrmont before retracing our steps along the neverending Hickson Road to finish at the Opera House. Next time I run towards the Opera House will be on Sunday coming in to finish the real race. Based on our 10km time even us elite runners at the back of the group should make it back before they come and sweep you off the course. 7 days to go!


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