Half Marathon 2015: Week 11

Week 11 18kmGetting out of bed far too early on Saturday mornings to go for a run has become a habit now, alhough so has spending the rest of the day in full recovery mode either asleep or sitting around drinking coffee. It’s a good feeling though when your phone buzzes and says you’ve done 400% of your daily step count and it’s not even 10am!

Today was supposed to be 18km but I ended up doing 18.5km according to my phone, further than I’ve run since 2008. It’s the longest run of the whole training programme but I definitely felt that I could have carried on for another couple of kilometres to get to the full distance. It was tiring and I can still feel it in my legs, but nothing hurts which is good. The first time we did the first bit of this run – 4km over the bridge and down Macquarie Street to the Cathedral and back – it was terrible and every step hurt, but a couple of months and tens of kilometres later it felt just fine.

Two more weeks of training and then the half marathon three weeks tomorrow. People are already talking about doing the Can Too thing again, and I think I might well do that, though perhaps this one again next year rather than battle the heat training in the Summer for the May half marathon. I’d sort of like to do a full marathon but I’m not sure I can cope with all the stuff that goes with it, I suspect you have to be rather more disciplined about doing the non-coached sessions on the programme and can’t just show up twice a week…


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