Half Marathon 2015: Week 9

Week 9 14kmI went for a massage during the week – the painful sort of massage where they focus their entire body weight on a very small part of your leg muscle and don’t let up for what seems like hours before moving on to another section – not the relaxing sort of massage – but it seems to have done the trick and I’m back into running. I’m still slightly in recovery mode and only did 14km when everyone else did 16km, but I didn’t feel that was too bad an effort after sitting out last week’s run and getting very little sleep down in Melbourne for a conference on Thursday and Friday.

It was a pretty spectacular route – apart from the stretch down Macquarie Street past Parliament House and the Hospital it hugged the Harbour the whole way. I would have preferred to have swum the 2km or so from the start at Kirribilli to the turn around point at the Opera House, and would have done that much faster, but if you’ve got to run there are few better places. And no serious hills either other than the deceptive ones like the Cahill Expressway and the Harbour Bridge.

Next week 18km and this time 5 weeks tomorrow it’ll all be over!


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