Half Marathon 2015: Week 8 – Week Off

So much for the City2Surf. I rather foolishly followed the training program and last Sunday when it said “Rest or Recovery Run” I opted for the recovery run for the first time ever and managed to strain my hip flexor muscles. Next time I’ll follow gut instinct and choose the “Rest” option, or ignore it completely as I do on Mondays when it says “Core Strength” which I interpret as “go to Japanese class”! They do say running is just as much a mental exercise as physical!

So no running in the City2Surf for me this year. I was at the start, in front of the start line in fact, representing the Westpac Helicopters, as Westpac is also the major sponsor of the race and it’s one of our major fundraisers. It was great to be there and enjoy the atmosphere watching most of Sydney run past, and I found myself within a couple of metres of the Prime Minister for the second time in as many weeks! However as I hobbled back to the train station like a granny in need of a hip replacement I had no regrets about not doing the 14km to Bondi.

Lots of rest, lots of stretching, and a bit of swimming, and I hope to be good to run again on Saturday. Another week, another 14km to come!


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