Half Marathon 2015: Week 5

Week 5 13kmAnother week and we ran 3 and a bit times more than the first week this morning. An advertised 12km turned out to be 13km according to RunKeeper. I really wasn’t looking forward to this run. All the Sydney groups were running together so instead of rolling out of bed 10 minutes before we start on Saturday morning I had to get up and drive to Leichardt AND it was 4-5km longer than I’ve run for a long time AND it was forecast to be wet and miserable. Thankfully it wasn’t raining so my resolve wasn’t tested, and (once it got light!) it was a bright clear morning, so the run turned out to be a lot better than anticipated. Unlike last week’s run over the lower north shore, this was almost entirely flat apart from the bit up to the bridge, and that makes a huge difference. I even managed to look up and notice some of the scenery this time. That was over half the Half Marathon distance and I’m getting a little faster, so it might just be possible to finish this thing!32afd7f9771e2d4a4a23633cc138813176d341e76f53ec9348b9b170478d7a62


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