Half Marathon 2015: Week 4

Week 4 8kmWe are certainly piling on the kilometres. Wednesday evening was our first “Time Trial” at the track. 5km of non-stop running around a track tests your counting skills and mental arithmetic – whose idea was it to standardise running tracks at 400m making 1 km 2.5 circuits? The Chatswood track is grass and has a muddy patch you need to cut a corner to avoid so it probably wasn’t an exact 5km, but near enough. We then do the same again towards the end of the program and hopefully see a bit of an improvement.

Both Wednesday and this morning’s run were much less hard on the ankles thanks to some new go faster shoes… I quickly abandoned the previous version and use them to walk rather than run in as they don’t give much (any?) support and I’ve been using what the bloke in the shop termed “vintage” shoes from 2007. The new pair are “motion control”, a term which has the air of the special bus to the remedial school about it, but they do the trick and don’t look too outrageous. They’re noticeably springier and gentler on the joints.


The high of 19C and sunny is a bit optimistic I think. Snow is forecast in the Blue Mountains in what’s apparently the coldest spell for 15 years, and it certainly felt like it might snow in Kirribilli this morning, not that you could have seen it through all the fog. The weather photo above is taken from the same spot as last week, but no Opera House and no Harbour Bridge! This morning’s run was 10km or 70 mins, and I was about 800m short of the 5km turnaround point when the coaches started to turn us back at 35mins so today I did just over 8km in total, but slightly faster and with much less stress on my legs than last week which is good.

The route is lovely, taking in Cremorne Point which is one of my favourite bits of Sydney. Normally you can see over the harbour to the Opera House and the City but today you could only just make out the closest boats moored nearby. Could I do the run another 1.7 times to make the half marathon? Not quite yet, but it’s feeling a lot more possible than it was last week…


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