Half Marathon 2015: Week 3

Week 3 8kmThank you very much to everyone who has sponsored me. $1,290 so far this time around, and a total of $7,360 including the previous Can Too programs I’ve done. Amazing, thank you! I’m keen to go for $10,000 but that might involve more running, so we’ll see!

During the week I went to see The Body Mechanic at Milsons Point. It was a freebie thanks to drinking far too much coffee and collecting points at Cool Mac. Mark who is one of the running specialists there filmed me to analyse my technique and was polite enough not to laugh. He has done a full marathon in slightly over two and a half hours – I’d be more than happy to do the half in that time! He gave me some good advice though which I’m attempting to put into practice. Apparently my strides are far too long and slow. You’d have thought that would be quite efficient, like swimming – but the infamous Spot Anderson swim slow to swim fast thing which works for me swimming doesn’t apply to running. Shorter stride at a faster pace is what it’s all about and he had me running with a metronome to prove it…

It was absolutely freezing on Wednesday night at the track as it’s in a hollow by the Lane Cove river. A rare occasion that it was good to start running to warm up. We learned that when they say 4-5 lots of 800m they actually mean 6 lots of 800m. The four was just to make you feel better, they meant five all along, and they don’t count the warm up… But again the coaches were really helpful and gave out some great advice along the way.

A chilly start this morning, and an 8km plod – double the distance of Week 1. We went over the Harbour Bridge, along the Cahill Expressway (again not as flat as it appears from the car) and down Macquarie Street to the Cathedral. And back. My ankles were complaining bitterly this morning and so I ended up walking for some of the outward section, but I managed to run the whole way back which I was pleased with. Motivated by the thought of a coffee and a cupcake at the end as one of the team has a cupcake business and was selling them to fundraise, a great idea, they were excellent!



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