Half Marathon 2015: Week 2

Week 2 6kmThey had us running around the track on Wednesday night to put us into groups according to speed (or lack thereof).  As I only have one speed, on or off, there was no question which group I’d be in but there are advantages to being towards the back – you get the biggest cheer as you come in and you don’t need to pay too much attention to the map for the Saturday runs as you simply follow the sea of orange shirts in front. The disadvantage on track days is that you get less time to recover between each time around the track so being towards the back is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy.

This morning’s long run was 6km, advertised as having fantastic views over Lavender Bay. It certainly did, but I only know that from past experience walking. Again I was pleased to go without stopping, even up the giant hills (shortcuts were very tempting!), but I was concentrating too much on putting one foot in front of the other to take in the view. RunKeeper, the app I use to track the route, proclaimed it was my longest and fastest run ever. Not entirely true, but I’ve certainly run more in the last two weeks than the last five years.

Can Too has grown enormously since I last did it and there are almost 50 people in the Chatswood/Kirribilli group. They’re a great bunch though, a mix of more experienced and first time runners. If everyone reaches the fundraising targets we’ll raise enough to fund a researcher from just our group. Amazing.



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