Half Marathon 2015: Week 1

Week 1 4kmWe took the plunge into running properly on Saturday after a washed out Wednesday evening session. A “gentle” 4km over the bridge and back… Despite walking over the bridge a couple of times a week I don’t think I’ve run over it since the last Can Too Half Marathon I did in the winter/spring of 2007. Is your body supposed to regenerate most of its cells after 7 years or is that a myth? Anyway my legs didn’t seem to remember much about having run before and I’d even forgotten about the deceptive incline going north over the harbour bridge. We looked it up in the cafe afterwards and it seems there is an advantage to doing this in the winter – the harbour bridge expands by 18cm in summer…

My advertised goal was to do it without stopping, and thankfully I also succeeded in my unadvertised goal which was to do it without being overtaken by any walkers. I’ve walked past joggers before which is always a bit embarassing so didn’t want it to happen to me! I’m not going to break any records with 4km in 30 minutes but if it wasn’t for the traffic lights I’d have kept the coaches happy with a negative split.


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